BBQ Packs

Summer is fast approaching and we’re ready for some BBQ action!

Our BBQ packs offer locally sourced meat all of which is prepared by our very own butcher at our Farm Shop.

Looking for something a little different? Have you got lots of guests coming to join you? Don’t worry … we can design a BBQ pack just for you! From piri piri marinated chicken, to lamb and mint burgers to chilli flavoured sausages … we’ve got everything covered!

To order your BBQ pack or discuss to specific requirements simply pop in or call a member of our team on 01603 715232.

£9.99 Pack


6 Blythburgh pork sausages
6 Flavoured chicken portions
6 Flavoured spare ribs
4 Homemade ¼lb beef burgers

£14.99 Pack


10 Blythburgh pork sausages
8 Flavoured chicken portions
10 Flavoured spare ribs
8 Homemade ¼lb beef burgers

£24.99 Pack


16 Blythburgh pork sausages
12 Flavoured chicken portions
12 Homemade ¼lb beef burgers
8 Honeyed pork steaks
6 Pork belly portions